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72 Hours Earlier: Dead Rising

“It’s Frank. Frank West. Remember that name, ‘cos the whole world’s gonna know it in three days when I get the scoop.” – Frank West

In my humble opinion, Dead Rising epitomised a golden generation (2006-2008) for the Zombie genre. With CoD: World At War (2008) featuring the original *legendary* “Nacht Der Untoten” zombie map, Dead Island (2008) and Dead Space (2008), there was no shortage of different pathways being explored.

There’s just something so satisfying about being let loose into a shopping mall, filled with flesh-eating zombies vying for your *BRAAAAINNSSSS*… That’s why Dead Rising became a part of the Xbox 360 platinum hit collection. And It’s also why you need this game in your life.

Outbreakin’ Skulls…

Chop til you drop - Dead Rising

Chop til you drop – Dead Rising Banner (Designed by Fluid)

Frank West is not your average photojournalist.

Recent rumblings in the usually sedate, suburban town of Willamette (Colorado) get his journalistic senses tingling. Capcom’s favourite investigative reporter is then transformed from cocky slueth to humble, do-good sociopath (over a 3-day bender through Willamette shopping mall).

His mission: Investigate the origin behind a mysterious military quarantine, tightly sealed off by the National Guard.

He soon discovers the town has a much darker secret than he first thought. West quickly realises the small town in Colorado is suffering from a zombie outbreak and becomes trapped in a shopping mall.

Published and developed by Capcom, Dead Rising  is an open world survival horror beat ’em up video game released in August 2016 on the Xbox 360. Based in shopping complex under threat, players were given the controls of the main protagonist, Frank, and must not only keep him alive to escape but they must also stay alive to uncover the truth behind the incident.

Scavenging for weapons and supplies to fight off zombies roaming around you, along with rescuing survivors caught up in the incident and dealing with crazed psychopaths, it comes to no surprise that it soon became a commercial success.

Location = Check

In came Fluid. When Capcom approached us about creating the games key identity we were very excited and full of ideas. We decided to use the gameplay location (shopping mall) and the expression ‘shop till you drop’ as inspiration. We approached the Bullring Shopping Centre and were granted permission by the marketing team to use the location for our project as well as a studio shoot.

We then chose a group of around 30 people, put them through hair and makeup and we had our zombies.

The drama in this tale wasn’t constricted to the undead of Colorado shopping centres. Shortly after the game landed, our phone rang. It was the upper echelons of the Bullring threatening to sue us for everything we have for using their location without permission. Knowing as we did, that our paperwork was in place – this didn’t worry us too much… They had a point anyway, showing hoards of dead eyed, greedy monsters feeding in mindless unison is a pretty sure way to bring down the image of a an indoor shopping centre, right? 😉


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