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Battleborn & A Thief’s End at No. 1

Well done SCEE, well done 2K, you are both awesome.

We already knew they were awesome, but now their awesomeness has been verified in the most awesome of ways.

Last week saw a spate of gargantuan releases including the A Thief’s End and Battleborn, both of which snagged the no.1 spot on release.

It is always nice to see the games we have helped launch receive such high acclaim from both the d-pad thumbing public and the industry a like.

See below for some rather stunning gameplay for both of these releases .

A Thief’s End


Fluid created press kits for both of the titles, making sure that jornos of the world had their appetite well whetted for the releases.

Check out our work here: 

A Thief’s End: A Media Kit to End it All 

Battleborn: Battleborn to Rule

Thanks to both 2K and SCEE for letting us lend a hand and congratulations from us at Fluid. Big up yourselves indeed.

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