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While we work on the new Fluid website, please enjoy our blog where we’ll be posting updates about our work, the Fluid team and our general thoughts. More


DRIVECLUB: Drive Together, Win Together

For one of our latest media kit projects we once again worked with our friends at SCEE to promote Evolution Studio’s latest development; DRIVECLUB for PlayStation 4. Our media kit was designed to be visually engaging with a premium finish – reflective of the super cars in the game. More


Blast off for Civilization

It has begun; Mother Earth’s dwindling resources, perpetual conflict and a plethora of apocalyptic problems has rocked the world’s cradle into disarray and all mankind must make like the proverbial shepherd and get the flock out of here, venturing Beyond Earth.More


1D, 3D

It should come as no surprise that after successfully securing the world-wide approval of millions of flustered young female fans, the exploits of our favourite boy bandsters ‘One Direction’ has now been captured in glorious 3D for cinema. More


Alien Isolation

Not since Capcom’s ‘Resident Evil: Nemesis’ has a game pivoted around a singular, indestructible agent of menace and in the case of SEGA’s latest title ‘Alien: Isolation’ it comes in the shape of a snarling, goo drooling Xenomorph.More


Laura Mvula – Sing to the Moon

Last summer, Nick Grimshaw named ‘Green Garden’ by the lovely fellow Brummie Laura Mvula as his ephemeral favourite and played it every morning. We conformed and its glistening glockenspiel charmed the sunshine perfectly.More


Civilization: Beyond Earth

We at Fluid are big fans of the Civilization series, we find a bit of world domination in the morning keeps us motivated throughout the day. Therefore, we are proud to be assisting 2K in their launch of the latest instalment in the series Beyond Earth.More