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The Punisher Season 1: Review

On paper, the Punisher looks like a pretty obtuse effort to zap Netflix’s marvel canon on the chest and pray for a new beat. In reality, it’s the best series they have created for the comic brand to date- by far.More


To Brum with Love

We love Birmingham, for all it’s rough edges. We are not surprised to hear it voted the UK’s most improved city in a study by PwC and Demos.More


London Grammar Live: Review

Getting into the O2 Academy in Leeds, we headed straight for the stage. With a capacity of just over two thousand and sold out, the venue is one of the smaller gigs that London Grammar have performed. More


Most Successful Merchandise Moneymakers

Within most media franchises, merchandising has been key in the overall success of a product. From the latest film releases to new video games launching, producing the right consumer products for the public is quintessential for achieving great success. As … More


It’s a comic book kind of day!

On the 25th September, we celebrate National Comic Book day. Its origins and founder unknown, this unofficial national holiday needs to be celebrated. Especially by those who love comic books. Comic books are as loved today as they were back in the early days, they are part of a lot of childhoods.More


Spider-Man Storylines You Should Read

Spider-Man is one of Comic Books most iconic heroes and has drawn in readers and fans since his early beginnings over 50 years ago. With it being National Comic Book Day and the famous wall-crawler’s 55th anniversary this year, it is only right to take a look back at some of the character’s best storylines.More