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Discover our Uncharted Collection Media Kit


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection features developer extraordinaire Naughty Dog’s multi-award winning trilogy of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, And Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, re-mastered for PlayStation 4 along with additional new features.

Following our recent media kits for Tearaway Unfolded and Until Dawn, Sony Computer Entertainment asked us to create an alluring package to promote this – one of their most prestigious releases of the year. The kit needed to inform recipients about the game, as well as provide advance notice of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, the beta of which could be played via the supplied Collection game disc. To fulfil the brief, and create a memorable keepsake that was befitting of the series, we used a range of premium finishes; including a plethora of gold and tactile papers, metallics and foils which alluded to the precious artefacts found within Nathan Drake’s treasure hunting world.

The kit was an edition of 2150, presented in a tactile card o-ring – featuring old map imagery, a Francis Drake motto, hand numbered editioning and a lasercut silhouette of Drake, whilst a screenprinted clear pvc panel revealed the game logo on the booklet cover within. The o-ring was removed to access the kit’s content, held in a paper over board fitment, wrapped with gold paper and a foiled URL on the base. After the fitment’s removal a map could be seen on the inside of the o-ring, which in conjunction with the lasercut silhouette formed a recreation of the game’s keyart.

Inside the fitment was a 38 page booklet, with matching gold cover, which came in 7 localised versions – singer sewn with brown thread. Inside, tiered introductory pages preluded the 3 games in the Collection, plus Uncharted 4, being introduced in chronological order via a diecut section page – each printed with a different metallic, reminiscent of jewels. Raiding the Uncharted archives we restyled images from the games’ original marketing campaigns to create a set of exclusive imagery that worked cohesively, whilst other pages featured further map imagery related to each game, and localised marketing text – designed with a limited colour palette of browns to again link back to the game’s keyart.

With the booklet removed from the fitment, the review disc and media assets information were revealed – the disc was removed for a further reveal of a gold bullet, held securely in the base of the fitment. This bullet was laser etched with the Uncharted and PS family logos, and unscrewed to reveal a USB flash drive, featuring an introductory trailer for the game.

Working to a very tight timeframe, everything was conceived, produced and delivered to 31 countries in 4 weeks, allowing media recipients to receive the kits well in advance of the game’s retail release. You can find imagery of the kit’s production below, and a recipient’s unboxing here.

Further imagery to be found on a future website update. In the meantime, go and re-explore the adventures of Nathan Drake – exclusively on PS4, whilst we work on the actual Uncharted 4 media kit (amongst others we can’t yet mention)!










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