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Kit of Wonder – Civilization 6

Expanding On The Legacy


To coincide with the release of 2K Games‘ Civilization VI (21st October 2016), we were tasked with creating a press kit that captured the soul and feel of the series. Culminating in a journey that would take us from the depths of the drawing board, across a monolithic range of concepts until finally, settling on a fully functioning package. It felt as though the ‘fog of war’ had been lifted, revealing a box, lightly embering and crafted by the persistence of man.

“We rise to the challenge and become something greater than ourselves. A civilization.”

– Sean Bean (Boromir/Ned Stark/Agent 006 etc).



If anything is to be learned from a man who has suffered a multitude of dramatic fictional deaths (think Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Goldeneye), it is simply this:

“A ruler who hides behind paid executioners soon forgets what death is.”

– Ned Stark


Sean Bean aside, Civilization VI has been incredibly well received by the gaming community and press outlets. Scoring an outrageous 93% by PC GAMER, 90% (Metacritic), 9/10 (Trusted Reviews) and a glowing review from Kotaku, it’s no surprise to see why the popular franchise is such a hit.

Last week, 2k (Publisher), Firaxis Games (Dev – PC) and Aspyr (Dev – Mac) collectively celebrated over one million Civilization VI users. Considering the game was only released for PC (via Steam), Mac and Linux, the demand for Civ VI is simply staggering. Having built up such a high prestige over the years, the sixth installment comes fully equipped with new art styling, whilst still containing core Civ features (fog of war, turn-based simming, world tiles) that veteran/core fans know inside-out.



Press Kit Box


Limited to just 500 units, our press kit aims to capture the spirit of discovery and exploration, made so paramount to the Civilization series.

The ‘fog of war’ has been lifted, revealing new tools with which to forge a lasting civilization. The fruits of our labour have been carefully created, gathered and gracefully packaged into a new-age relic of untamed beauty.


Game Guide Booklet




Cotton Drawstring Bag



Playing Cards

Whether you’re the Jack of Clubs or Ace of Spades, you are the architect of your own destiny in this game (about a game). Featuring all in-game leaders / nations, you’d be bluffing if your Civ VI knowledge isn’t up to scratch after a few games of ‘kings cup’…





Portable Power Bank

“Communication is the lifeblood of any Civilization” – Me

No aspiring Civilization will ever survive without covering some serious ground and at the same time, making sure the wheels don’t come off. Alexander the Great didn’t conquer half the known world on low battery now, did he?

You’ll be the most powerful Civilization going, with our portable power bank and accompanying connector leads. It’s our most historically focused power bank yet!


Promotional Poster

The world of Civilization is yours for the taking. The brilliance of the series is the sheer diversity of leadership options at your disposal. From the great philosophers to the common man tilling farmland, civilizations are only as strong as their weakest member of society. Propaganda is entirely optional, of course.

Brutally raise your army (Spartan style) and let them do the hard work, or work behind the scenes to formulate mindsets and sway opinion. Take tiles by force? Barter with/for rare goods? Master the art of diplomacy and get other nations to do your bidding? Even initiate your own ‘Brexit’.

The choice is yours.



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