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London Grammar Live: Review


Getting into the O2 Academy in Leeds, we headed straight for the stage. With a capacity of just over two thousand and sold out, the venue is one of the smaller gigs that London Grammar have performed. Anticipation was building for not just the main band but also their supporting act – Lo Moon. If you haven’t heard of Lo Moon, then you should definitely check them out!


Joining the atmospheric lighting and the lone instruments on the stage, Lo Moon opened with ‘This Is It’ – possibly my favourite song of theirs. For a band that ascending the ladder of stardom, they had the crowd’s attention. The way that Sterling Laws drummed was intense and impressive, the music totally took on a life of its own. With the last few lyrics of loveless, Lo Moon closed their set. The band made themselves memorable, their energy started the night brilliantly.

London Grammar started their performance with all eyes on Hannah as she opened with ‘Rooting For You’. With just Hannah’s solitary singing and powerful vocal range, the entire room held its breath. As she finished, Dan and Dot joined in. After every track the band was greeted with rapt applause, they seemed to feed off the energy.

Mesmerising visuals behind them, they cast the band members in dynamic colours. Each song was represented by a different visual, from my personal favourites of the flickering circles of ‘Flicker’, the glowing greens and blues of ‘Metal & Dust’ and the soundwave visualisation of ‘Bones Of Ribbon’ to the red planet shaped visuals of ‘Rooting For You’.


So, if you want to go to see someone live, I suggest both these bands. With a following from a more mature crowd, there is no screaming teenage girl. Mosh pits may just be out the question too.

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