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PlayLink – the Media Kit


This media kit was designed and produced in a few weeks to promote Sony Interactive Entertainment’s new PlayLink. PlayLink combines TV and PlayStation 4 console with your smartphone/tablet and a collection of new games, that take advantage of your device’s touchscreen and camera capabilities to create a versatile controller.

The kit’s opening experience played on the gestures of gaming that the PlayLink brand was built around, whilst the print content matched the size of the newly released Sony Xperia XZ1 phone to create a bright and playful package that utilised the iconic PlayStation brand colours and shapes.

The kit was presented to recipients within a card o-ring, produced in Peregrina Classic Ocean Blue, which featured large diecuts of the 4 PS shapes on the front, through which was revealed an eyecatching colour pattern of the same shapes at a smaller size within. The outer o-ring was removed to reveal the card’s striking metallic blue side, and the inner content. The back of the o-ring featured further PlayLink branding which reflected a sense of motion and dynamism – litho printed and finished with a transparent holographic foil, to create a subtle detail when it caught the light.

The inner content was a 2nd card o-ring, again produced in Peregrina Classic Ocean Blue, with the pattern litho printed and spot uv’d for further effect. Within this o-ring was further content – fully revealed by pushing it out of the open sides; a bespoke blue foam fitment, routed to hold printed marketing content. The foam fitment held 3 pieces of print content – a card and 2 leaflets, all sized to match a Sony Xperia XZ1 phone – whilst a thumbhole aided removal.

The card was duplexed, with transparent holographic foil front detail and localised/numbered editioning on the reverse; The first leaflet featured PlayLink software information and download codes, localised to 9 languages; The second leaflet featured lifestyle imagery and media assets information. The folded out leaflet sizes were conceived to allow for digital print due to the tight timeframes and when put together the covers formed a tiled image, as another playful aspect. With the content removed a final detail of the PS shapes laser engraved into the foam was revealed.












The Standard Edition kit was conceived to be modular, and formed part of an exclusive VIP Edition, limited to just 12. The Standard Edition kit – with VIP exclusive numbering – was placed into a larger 2nd blue foam fitment with laser engraved detail, which also held a Sony Xperia XZ1 / ZX1 Premium phone and printed duplexed information card. A large card o-ring was produced in the same premium Peregrina Classics Ocean Blue as the Standard Edition o-rings – but with the metallic blue on the outer here – and finished with a diecut sticker with holographic foil detail.





Go and check out PlayLink, from quick-fire quizzes to immersive multiplayer experiences, PlayLink titles are all about social gaming that everyone can enjoy… just in time for Xmas!



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