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Playstack – Publishing Reinvented

Playstack - Final Logotype

Playstack – Final Logotype

Publishing Reinvented…

We at Fluid are always attracted to the breakers of rules and the rebels to convention, so our eyes were drawn to Playstack’s vision of a collaboration first approach to game publishing and a commitment to deciding for themselves, what it means to be a publisher.

“PlayStack was founded on the belief that even the greatest developers need support in order to create their best work.”

Playstack offer support in three ways: end-to-end funding, publishing expertise, and tech to build a strong gamer audience and community.

A full brand identity for an entirely new generation of games publisher

Inspired by music labels and the recognition that labels covering multiple genres have achieved through branding, Playstack’s desire was to brand themselves in such a way that you’d only have to look at their games artwork to recognise it as a playstack publication.

After our meeting, we began to formulate the building blocks for what would become Playstack’s visual identity. This led us to considering a brand design solution which incorporating ‘stacks’ to create the idea of different genres of games stacked together, just like what Playstack wanted to work with. Playstack wanted to show their commitment to this in a cohesive and consistent way throughout their branding and we think we did just that.

Logo Design – Early Concepts

Early concept #1

Early concept #1

Early concept #2

Early concept #2

Early concept #3

Early concept #3

Further Development

Logo Dev 2

We experimented with the above Playstack logo concept, trying to find a colour and composition that would represent the brand and vision. After much deliberation the below set of developed concepts were fleshed out.

The bottom right concept went on to become a major element in the final logotype design.

Logo Dev 1

Logo Dev 3

Final Work

In the end, we developed a visual route, which combined pastel colours and stacked lines that denote the approachable and collective nature of Playstack’s vision. From this vital idea, we created the full identity for Playstack from their logo and website, right through to their business cards.

Playstack anim last frame



Magazine Advert


Presentation Box


PS brand on various screens


PS brand guidelines/ Merchandise

Playstack’s brand guideline image


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