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Global Media Kit

Dawn of War III

A lucidly brutal kit for a violently eccentric release

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Dawn of War is a lucidly brutal portrayal of the conflict between the Space Marines, Orks and Eldar for control of the Spear of Khaine- a catastrophic weapon from another dimension capable of destroying even the strongest foes with a single blow. There are few releases with such rich heritage and distinctively vivid visual style that perfectly combines the morbid with the eccentric for a game universe unlike any other. We were tasked with creating a global media kit to introduce the game to key press and influencers.

Relic did not shy away from violent imagery, employing key art based on the fallen skulls of those killed in battle. We took lead from this bold approach and decided to offer media kit recipients a grisly momento of death. We gave them a skull, fresh from the battle-field, with a grim reminder that death comes to us all. Our specialist cross box design meant that the walls our kit collapsed at the point of reveal and removal of the lid- giving impact to that moment and revealing key imagery of the factions.

Our kit also contained an information book revealing characteristics of the factions and further in game details and a real-life Crux Terminatus medal, giving gamers a true artefact from Dawn of War.

Each skull was finished with hand drawn typography