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Logo creation, Campaign and creative strategy, Creative direction

Dirt 4

CAMPAIGN STRATEGY AND CREATIVE for codemaster’s ascent to pole position

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We wanted to make Dirt 4 transcend rally’s hobbyist heritage and niche routes. We aimed to build a creative direction with a drama and appeal that could carry it’s weight in any genre. With huge amounts of new game content, a commitment to marrying the experience to music and a ‘Be Fearless’ ethos already established for the campaign- we had a lot to work with.

Inspired by a heart-beat cranked on adrenaline, a soundwave and the contours of a race track; our chosen route perfectly hit the apex of the technical and evocative, leaving us with a darkly aspirational lifestyle-lead campaign that honoured the intricacies of rallying and the new content of Dirt 4 whilst elevating the franchise to beyond a rally sim.

Final logo

Our key art set the tone for the pre-order campaign

Initial campaign direction mood boards

Contour visualisation

Initial campaign visualisation concepts

Announcement trailer produced by Codemasters using our creative route