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Fractured Space


Campaign Identity, Key Art Creation, Logo Creation, Logo Animation

Fractured Space

Key Art and Logo for an Epic Trans-Galactic Space Battler

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Fractured Space is a huge team-based space battler which gives the gamer the chance to command behemoth ships in an epically scaled environment. Edge Case games wanted an identity that would ensure the game stood above the competition.We were tasked with creating the identity for the game including key arts and a new logo. We focused on some key themes that we felt were critical in positioning Fractured Space as a game to get excited about.

We worked on a differentiated colour palette, deliberately standing distinct from the status quo of the star-lit black background synonymous with space shooters. We also wanted to use a limited palette that would give a simplistically high quality effect.

We worked to harness the vast scale of the ships and used dramatic perspective to communicate this. Finally, we wanted to convey the fracturing of space and relay the game’s name in the logo, leading us to the shattering effect seen in the key art.


The game itself has been extraordinarily well received by both gamers and critics.




Logo Identity



Key art

“The work is crisp and iconic, Fluid delivered on time and on budget. I would work with them again and actually we are doing just that.” Martin Frain, Marketing Director





A selection of key art concept designs presented to the client