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Hitman: HIT Magazine

All Encompassing Activation Ideas for Hitman: A World of Assassination

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It seems only yesterday we pushed Eidos’ Hitman: Codename 47 into our ROM drives and started skulking around Budapest with a black-cladded Tobias Reaper. This being the case, one can imagine our elation to be approached by Square Enix and asked to support the launch of their latest instalment. Square Enix had for us the kind of brief that we love; ‘We just want loads of ideas that could help make sure this is the biggest ever Hitman launch.’

This release was all about taking Hitman back to his routes; an ice-cold snappy dresser with a penchant for globe hopping and quipping sinisterly. We generated a range of activation ideas spanning across all disciplines. Experiential events, PR stunts, print ideas, viral ideas and more. Nothing was off the table. Amongst the scores of concepts we devised our favourite was HIT Magazine. HIT Magazine included top-fashion tips for the style conscious contract murderer, improv advice, killer canape recipes and more.


HIT magazine was distributed throughout the UK with the support of Square Enix and Future publishing.

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The game was celebrated for bringing the original vision of a globe-hopping hitman back to life


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