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Mafia III


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Mafia III

Global influencer kit and digital campaign for the latest in 2K's iconic series

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2K‘s Mafia franchise has been a solid performer over the years, galvanising a respectable cult-following through the likes of lovable rogue Vito Scaletta (Mafia IIMafia III) and his clumsy, smack-talking sidekick Joe Barbaro as they try to survive (and thrive) by joining the Empire Bay (fictitious New York City) mob.

Couple that with the walking metaphor that is Lincoln Clay, Mafia III‘s main character, fresh from the horrors of Vietnam in ’68 and forced to confront Italian mob overboss, Sal Marcano, after the brutal murder of his adopted family (black mob). Lincoln (naturally) uses the same tactics he employed as a US special forces member against Sal Marcano, whittling down his mafia hierarchy from the bottom-up.

The following pre-release banners and steel book designs, used elements of the overarching story and setting, staying true to the Mafia ethos, “Family isn’t who you were born into, it’s who you die for” to tease the vice-filled, debaucherous world of New Bordeaux. We helped actualise the word of New Bordeaux through a series of T Shirts, capturing the cajun soul of the city.


Mafia III was the best selling Mafia in the history of the franchise and was one of 2K’s most successful releases in 2016.


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Mafia III gave fans an entirely new, socially fascinating playground in which to explore the world and mind of the Mafioso

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