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NOW That’s What I Call Fluid: 2015

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2015 was a brilliant year for Fluid, as our team tackled a host of high profile projects. From cat faces in bread (yes, really) for MTV’s Kill Boring campaign, to press kits for legendary game Uncharted, we’ve laid out a range of our best work for you to enjoy…



MTV: Kill Boring 


When MTV came to us with this project, they uttered two words: “Kill Boring.” How did we respond? By shoving a cat’s face through a slice of bread of course. We then surrounded it with anything our warped brains could come up with. Whilst it might look as though the entire creative team were on acid during this campaign, we certainly fulfilled the brief – boring bit the dust. Having created a wacky visual identity inspired by the top internet meme, the project achieved its aim of reaching people across multiple media channels and turned into a brilliant brand that MTV have rolled out internationally. Tongue-in-cheek? Certainly.Playful? Definitely. Boring? Never.


Sun & Sand Sports 


This project took our work all the way to Dubai. We helped create a heightened shopping experience by designing a store-wide digital experience that was hosted on 25 touch screen kiosks in Sun & Sand Sports, a flagship sports store. Our applications included fitting room music controls, sports equipment buying guides and interfaces for interactive Experience Zones where customers could get their hands on the latest equipment. Our goal was to turn the casual browser into a shopper with intent.



SEGA: Retro Style Guide 


Sega, king of vintage computer games, wanted to capture the nostalgia of their heritage IPs in a new way, so they came straight to us with the idea of branching out with new ranges of merchandise, clothing and more with the help of a mammoth, 450 page style guide. We followed their classically retro look to presented Sega with what they called the ‘best style guide they’d ever had’. We proceeded to give ourselves a pat on the back for another job well done.


The Nathan Drake Collection 


We love doing work for Sony Computer Entertainment, as they never fail to deliver projects to our door that gets everyone excited. The Uncharted Collection media kit that we worked on in October was a memorable keepsake for the brand. We positioned the iconic Drake on the cover and used beautiful old-map imagery and a premium metallic finishes on every element of the project to promote one of the most prestigious games releases of 2015. Each media kit came with a neat USB drive disguised as a golden bullet and these were delivered to 31 countries in only four weeks.


Lego: Avengers 


What’s better than one Avenger? ALL of the Avengers of course, and in Lego form so that you can give them to your nephew to play with without getting an angry phone call from Robert Downey Junior’s agent. For this project, we came up with a fresh and exciting POS and a press kit that captured the energy and fun of the two brands, including a large Lego brick box which contained one of the figurines inside.


Olly Murs: Never Been Better 


Cheeky chappy Olly Murs has been in the public eye from 2009, but having now entered his 30s, the popular singer has become cooler, calmer and more mature. We wanted to represent this new global identity in his album campaign. Thus we compiled a collection of classic, clean pictures worthy of any GQ magazine. Mr Murs, as the album suggests, has ‘Never Been Better’, and we like to think this applies to us here at Fluid as well.


Saatchi & Saatchi: Lovemarks 


Saatchi & Saatchi’s Lovemarks animation was commissioned to help increase sustainability awareness and get people to think twice about waste and pollution. The project allowed us to create a funky bunch of ‘sustainable’ characters – from a nuclear engineer, to a scientist and even a hippie – and present them in a simple and fun style, reminiscent of some of our favourite animated movie characters.