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PSVR Event branding


Event and space design

PSVR Event branding

Retail and event space for one of the biggest launches in tech history

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Few developments in the entertainment world have inspired as much intrigue, debate and excitement as VR. Sony’s VR visor; Playstation VR is perhaps the most hotly coveted of all iterations of the VR peripheral. Playstation needed a physical space where it could flex it’s VR muscles and we were tasked with designing spaces for people to get their first glimpse inside the engrossing universes PSVR delivers.

Playstation asked Fluid to design two spaces, one for business’ and one smaller space for consumer to use PSVR. We submitted our vision for the spaces to act as a guide for all other teams within Sony who were promoting the PSVR, ensuring that wherever you saw it and whoever you were, the space would be engaging, well laid out, consistent and quintessentially Playstation.

Having worked with Playstation for 20 years, we were able to put our experience and intuition to use and they were thrilled with the result. Fluid was of course immensely proud to help set the tone for one of the biggest campaigns in tech history.


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