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Sun and Sand Sports

Building a digital oasis for sportswear shoppers in Dubai

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The Sun & Sand Sports flagship store in the Dubai Mall is a first-of-its kind digital oasis. In support of Green Room Design, Fluid designed a digital experience that exists across 19 touchscreen kiosks, 5 fitting room control panels, and 3 interactive Experience Zones.

We played our part in creating a future-ready store fit for the evolving demands of shoppers. These are shoppers that expect personalised experiences, devour information and have very high expectations of branded content.

We designed user journeys to support 3 core shopper mind-states; the Dreamer, the Explorer and the Locator. We created an experience to help the Dreamers to feel inspired and have fun, the Explorers to browse easily and narrow down their choices, and the Locators to find their preferred product and feel reassured about their decision.

Shopping zone kiosks feature buying guides, product catalogues and unique brand content. Experience Zones highlight the sights and sounds of each sport and feature social media integration. Fitting Room Control Panels include curated look-books, vibrant branded content and audio controls to select staff-curated playlists.



Focussing on three customer

mind-states: the Dreamer, the Explorer

and the Locator


UX Prototyping