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Third Skin

Branding for innovative and exclusive new wearable tech brand

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Third Skin is a Midlands based start up with a profound vision at the centre of it’s ethos. Lead by a former Fluid creative technologist, the company has a dream to seamlessly integrate wearable tech in to our daily lives and flip on it’s head a culture of technology that claims to break down barriers in entertainment and connectivity, whilst inadvertently throwing them up a round us (anyone for a USB port?).

Third Skin has an expansive mission statement but wanted to start its conquest by trampling over conventional headphone design. Inspired by hearing aid technology- The Third Skin first product: The Third Skin Hy is an ‘invisible’ headphone that stimulates your small ear-bones to create exceptional audio without blocking the ear canal and preventing us from hearing ambient noises or conversations. Weird? Yeah. Cool? Absolutely.

We were asked to create the over-arching brand for Third Skin as well as the Hy. Inspired by naturally tactile materials and ancient symbols of knowledge that act as an antithesis to the predictable hard edges and digi-cute app-happy icons of most tech companies.


Our nature inspired route ensured a consistent, unique brand position permeated through Third Skin’s visual identity.




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