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full brand for hot new lifestyle and professional development platform

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WONDR (mywondr.co) exists as a social nexus, providing all the insight, community support/tools necessary for learning, allowing for self-progression on a personal basis. WONDR assists users in defining and devising personal career goals in an online eco-system, recommending content based on their interests/passion in life.

Inevitably, the platform will define a process for the individual user to achieve their personal goal(s) by browsing and searching shared content. The user will be encouraged to browse content relevant to their interests, bookmarking pieces of content they feel is relevant to their own goal(s).

As well as building their brand, visual identity and creative strategy Fluid were appointed to plan, design and build the WONDR platform, based on a phased approach. The initial phase of the build was the WONDR landing page, which launched late last year. A teaser to introduce the WONDR brand, whilst building a rapport with key influencers (via email address registration).


‘Fluid quickly understood our vision and formulated a world class creative strategy’.


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“We are proud and excited to be working with Fluid. They very quickly understood our vision and helped us formulate a world class creative strategy”




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