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A futuristic media kit that’s out of this world

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When global games publisher 2K came to us after the success of XCOM Enemy Unknown, they said they required a media kit for XCOM 2 that would “blow all the competition out the water”.

We accepted the challenge, and got straight to work, using materials and print finishes that would fit the futuristic ‘alien-esque’ world setting of the game. This included a blue live-edge acrylic slipcase to house the inner content, as well as the iconic Alien Head, which we turned into a panel that sat atop a foam fitment. Being such a futuristic project allowed us to get a little bit laser-happy, engraving and cutting into the metal that was used to cover a screw-bound book and two cards within the kit.

The whole thing was brought together with (yep, you guessed it) a laser-engraved metallic USB; giving the client the ‘wow’ factor they craved and ensuring that any competition were not just blown, but obliterated out of the water! We gave the client the WOW Factor and feedback has been amazing.


XCOM 2 sells an estimated 365,000 copies on first day.

Media Kit Live Edge Packaging





XCOM2_03 Open

XCOM2_04 Layer

Lenticular Panel & Promolyte Book



We gave the client the WOW Factor and feedback has been amazing


XCOM2_06 Card

Secret Steam Key code Metal Card


Laser Engraved Metal USB