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To Brum with Love


Aerial view of Birmingham, UK at night. Panoramic cityscape.

We love Birmingham, for all it’s rough edges. We are not surprised to hear it voted the UK’s most improved city in a study by PwC and Demos. There is no other city that we would rather be based in, with thriving scenes in music, culture and food. We decided to share with you why we love Birmingham so much, and what makes it special to us.

  1. Innovation

There are roughly four thousand inventions that have been copyrighted every year in the UK, of which two thousand eight hundred come from Birmingham. Some of the inventions include: the cooker, the whistle, the x-ray scanner and the smoke detector.


  1. Location

With ninety percent of the UK within four hours of Birmingham, it is the centre of England and we have a monument to prove it. The Meriden Monument is said to be 500 years old and marks the traditional centre.


  1. Canals

There is thirty five miles of canal in Birmingham which trumps that of Venice which has twenty six. And thanks to Birmingham, you can travel from London to Lancaster without even touching land!


  1. Digbeth Dining Club

With a great atmosphere and street food stands, the Dining Club is one of the best events in the city.


  1. Jewellery quarter

Not only is this where Fluid are based but it also has one of Europe’s largest concentration of jewellery businesses. It also has some of the grandest buildings, with red brick listed buildings and the Chamberlain clock at it’s centre. Some other interesting quirks of this district; at one time, 90% of the written word was done so with a pen made in the JQ.


  1. Black Sabbath

Birmingham and West Mids is home of rock music legends black sabbath and Led Zepplin, which kind of means we invented rock music ;).


  1. Library of Birmingham

The library of Birmingham is the UK’s largest library, it also has the largest public cultural space in Europe and is the largest regional library in Europe. On top of this, it also has some stunning views of the city centre.


  1. We have our own zombies

Known as the Birmingham Zombies, they did a walk every year and raised thousands for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.


  1. Green city

As one of the UK’s greenest cities, it has nearly 600 parks and open spaces. This is more than Paris which has around 400.


  1. It’s a food lovers haven

There are an enormous amount of places to eat, catering to everyone’s tastes. With five Michelin star Restaurants – which is more than any other city outside of London and hundreds of Balti houses, Birmingham has a thriving place for the foodies amongst us.


If you ever find yourself in Birmingham, be sure to check it out – with it’s period buildings and nightlife it has something for everyone!

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