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Top 5 Anticipated Indie Games

With Gamescom, EGX and all those huge gaming events right around the corner I’m starting to get all excited about the second half of this year’s releases. The level of production from the AAA studios is impressive… but lest we forget our brothers and sisters in the indie game scene.

Stealing the spotlight away from this year’s heavy hitters for a minute I give you my (Liams) Top 5 most anticipated indie titles yet to be released:


Ad Infinitum

I press play on the trailer, I watch the trailer, I change my underwear.

Kicking off the countdown with one hell of a teaser is Ad Infinitum –  an atmospheric, single-player horror game based smack bang in the middle of World War 1.

The player must clear a pathway out of the rain sodden trenches to avoid their untimely demise by solving a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. Although I’m not one for horror movies (because they’re just a little average lately) I am one for a good old-fashioned fear fest of expertly choreographed sound, de-saturated visuals and an uneasy sense of ‘what the hell was that?’

Ad Infinitum is set for a pre-alpha demo on PC soon and is now up on Steam Greenlight.


#4 – A Light In Chorus

A Light In Chorus

An entire game made from particles. For those that don’t role in game developer circles I’d like to make it clear – this is no easy feat.

A Light Chorus invites the player to explore a now desolate Earth by using only the sounds of a 1977 Voyager Record. The player reshapes what remains of Earth into a musical landscape as particle objects manipulate into new forms around them.

At first glance I was reminded of the memory sequences from Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – but after I viewed the entire trailer I noticed there wasn’t a single solid object in sight.

The emphasis on sound UI (User Interface) seems to be trending. For those that have played Horizon Zero Dawn you’ll remember the Focus noise from the PS4 controller. For a more serious example of UI sound the yet to be released ‘Stifled’ requires the player to use their own voice via microphone to map out the environment in a sort of sonar / echo location.

I’m a sucker for innovative storytelling which is why A Light Chorus gets the number four spot, even though it has only recently been greenlit.

We may be waiting a little while for this one.


#3 – AER: Memories of Old

The Gods are old and the world is shattered – not a bad tagline, eh? Developed by the team at Forgotten Key, AER puts you in control of a young women with shape shifting abilities.

The trailer takes us on a flight through the seasonal polygonal environments and ends with a thought provoking and somewhat cliff-hanger style finish. I’m a big fan of bold colour palettes and narratives that require only a few characters – AER: Memories of Old is ticking all my boxes.

AER will be available towards the end of 2017 on Steam and may possibly have a console release announced soon.


# 2 – Praey for the Gods

What if Shadow of the Colossus, one of the greatest games in history, had an eternal winter? Well, you can find out because winter is coming…

Say hello to Praey to the Gods – the ‘spiritual sequel’ to Shadow of the Colossus, developed and published by the team at No Matter Studio.

You’ll be forgiven for thinking this was a legitimate sequel / prequel as it’s so similar – colossus enemies, a whispering god, an ambiguous task – but you know what, I’m okay with it. It’s so beautifully crafted that I can’t even be mad.

If you want something to supress your Shadow of the Colossus remake impatience, or to just play an incredible game, give Praey to the Gods a look, It may very well surprise you.

Praey to the Gods will be released in December 2017 with platform information announced later this year.


#1 – Cuphead

Cuphead & Mugman

Spilling its way into my number one most anticipated indie game title of the Year is Cuphead: Don’t deal with the Devil by the creative wizards at MDHR.

Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game heavily focused on boss battles. Inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era such as hand drawn CEL animation, watercolour backgrounds, and a FULLY original jazz recording soundtrack (impressive).

You can play as either Cuphead or Mugman as you traverse across strange worlds acquiring new weapons, learning powerful super moves and discovering hidden secrets while trying to pay back the devil (yup, they struck a deal, but no spoilers here)

I’ve been waiting for this title since E3 2015 and now the indie game gods smile upon me as it scheduled for release on September 29th – Pre-Order it now!



Still hungry for that indie game hit and don’t want to wait? Feeling sad these games may take a while to come out? Well luckily for you my last year’s selection have all been released.

Take a look at RiME by Tequilla works, Little Nightmares by Bandai Namco and Mekazoo by Good Mood Creators!

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