So here we are tumblr of the week – week 2, things are looking up. This particular tumblr is pretty great, it took me a few seconds to clock exactly what was going on when I first landed on the site but when I did, I warmed to the concept immediately. In a nutshell its gritty street photography, but all images are taken within the realms of a video game.

Below is the “about” text from the tumblr which explains it all, some interesting GTA trivia also.

As you may or may not have heard, the video game Grand Theft Auto V, was released (September 17, 2013) after more than 5 years in the making. It went on to make $800 million in the first 24 hours of sales, and it was also the most expensive game ever made.

Being a big fan of GTA, I went to the midnight launch and played the night away. As I played, I noticed that the characters had cameras on their phones, which could be uploaded to Rockstar’s Social Club under my username, ArtCows, and from there, I could save them to my computer. With this new tool, and the huge world of Los Santos, I started experimenting with the camera and the digital streets.

What I found was remarkable. The game is so realistic that it felt like being in the streets outside, running around for shots, anticipating passersby’s movements and reactions. In a way, it was also incredibly frightening that these algorithms could look so real, or is it that we ourselves are becoming ever more algorithmic?

In this blog, I will share with you the street photographs that I will be taking through my characters in GTA V.

Click HERE for your one way ticket to the mean streets.

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We will endeavour to bring you one good tumblr every week ( or month, depending on how busy we are ) this week is an oldie, but a classic tumblr none the less. Things organised neatly is a beautifully simple idea that reaches out to the nosey parker and obsessive compulsive in us all.

I do enjoy these images a great deal especially the ones where people empty the contents of their life or brief case onto the internet in an orderly fashion for all to see. I am dubious about the amount of hipster film cameras I see in these arrangements  and wonder do they ever use them to take real life photographs, and where do you even get film processed these days. Hmmm.

Check out the proliferation of organisation right HERE

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With the last few years seeing a major rise in independent games, is 2014 the year for independent developers? The emergence of crowd funding as a financing method has made things potentially a lot easier. Kickstarter alone last year saw $57 million in pledges, often creating a well needed hype around the game.

Tools like Unity are also making it cheaper and easier to create new games. Although with Apple recently noting there are more than 1 million apps in the app store, there are hundreds, if not thousands of new games on mobile devices at any given week, proving to be a very competitive industry.

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Wonder what our designers do when they’re not designing? Mark Harris one of our 3D and digital designers here at Fluid has now released another album named ‘The Angry Child’, If you would like to know a little more about Marks Musical side project check out his interview about his forthcoming release HERE

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With Playstation releasing its console a week before Xbox it was clear they were going to get a head start, but within just over a month of both the consoles releases respectively, Playstation is still out selling the Xbox, with 3.6 million consoles sold over Xbox’s 3 million.

So why is the Playstation selling more? A technical comparison reveals the Playstation is around 50% faster with a significantly more powerful GPU- graphics processing unit. Of course one of the main factors is the price, and with the Xbox one selling at £429.99, £80 more than the Playstation, you can see the appeal. The Xbox though, does include a Kinect camera with Playstation charging around £50 for their equivalent.

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If you have the pleasure on going on the IGN website in the new few days we have an Aliens – Isolation take over advert running. The advert runs a gameplay / story trailer video which give you a little taster of the scope and quality of the game. Check it out HERE.

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We know this has been floating around the internet now for a little while but its too good not to post.Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera. Watch the video HERE.

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Holy smokes just set eyes on the new trailer for the game “Get Even” Could be one of the realist video game engines ever ? – Part of this teaser you’re about to watch is live-action. Other parts are generated by an all-new bleeding-edge graphics engine. And, even if you can tell what’s been recorded in reality and what’s generated by software, you have to admit that the border between the two looks like it’s dissolving. Pretty epic stuff.

It uses an environmental scanning technology called Thorskan, created by special effects house Better Reality. The trailer doesn’t have any examples of gameplay or story set-up. Mostly, it’s showing off how good the creators can make stuff look. Check out the trailer HERE. More info on the game over at the Get Even Facebook page HERE.

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Any illustrator or designer who was partial to a video game or two when they were growing up will have been influenced by the artwork of videogame illustrator Greg Martin.

Born in Boulder, Colorado in 1956, Martin began his career at animation studio Hanna-Barbera, where he sat just a few desks away from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, working on cartoons like The Jetsons and the Flintstones. He also contributed to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Thundercats.

Martin later turned to videogame art, hand-painting 24- to 30-inch illustrations for countless titles, including the early Sonic and Pac-Man games, Flintstones 2, Jetsons, Bonk’s Adventure, several Adventure Island games and many more. In the days before YouTube or the web, box artwork was often the only way you’d know what a game looked like before buying it, so his work had huge impact.

Sadly Nintendo Age has announced that Martin recently passed away. But check the link HERE for the legacy of the mans work.

Originally seen over on the ever clever Creative Bloq Blog.

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Pebble steel is here and in very limited supply the website would have you believe, Pebble ahem launched two new watches into their range the Brushed steel pebble and also the matte black, both are rather fetching and have functionality beyond your wildest dreams with the integrated app system they have. check them out HERE. Pretty sweet.

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