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Valentine’s Day: ‘Art Break


Valentine’s Day, the day of love and all things heart shaped. With millions of songs wrote about love, break ups and betrayals of the heart, we decided to celebrate the day by picking out our favourite album covers.

Gloria Gaynor, Love Tracks


Looking at the album cover you wouldn’t know that the break up ballad I Will Survive is a symbol of empowerment, which gives a refreshing break to the over soppy love songs of today. Although, it is still a classic song that has had many generations blasting it out on karaoke and it being played every valentine’s without fail.

Pink, Beautiful Trauma

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As one of those artists that has been around for as long as I can remember, she has never shied away from singing about how she feels. Her songs can’t be categorised into one emotion, whether breaking up or all loved up then Pink is definitely worth a listen!

Adele, 21


The queen of break up songs, her entire album is dedicated to one person who she dated when she was 21 (hence the album name). With songs like Set Fire to the Rain and Someone Like You, it’s not hard to see why they make the list – oh and did we mention the downcast cover?

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