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WipEout Omega Collection: Are You Ready To Race?


WipEout is a name synonymous with PlayStation, a rapid combat racer that defies gravity and defines generations. Known for its blistering speed, iconic music and pure multiplayer mayhem, WipEout has starred on every PlayStation format since 1995 – and as of 7 June 2017 will rip through the air on PlayStation 4 at 60fps with HDR, and in stunning 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro. Going beyond what might be expected of a typical remaster, WipEout Omega Collection is the biggest WipEout yet – featuring all the content from WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 – with 26 reversible circuits, 46 unique ships, a ton of game modes and a killer soundtrack of globally renowned and upcoming acts. 1,200 KPH has never felt so real!

We were tasked by Sony Interactive Entertainment to create a striking media kit to promote the game, which played on the 4 key pillars of the game’s marketing campaign – legacy & nostalgia, music, tech showcase and speed – which would prompt WipEout veterans to come out of retirement and new pilots to make their debut.

WipEout has always been a very visual title, and we utilised a range of premium materials and special production finishes to create a futuristic aesthetic across 3 Editions – New Ship, Ultimate & Standard. These Editions featured cohesive styling whilst also being individually unique – playing on elements of the original WipEout branding, the red from the keyart logo and our access to previously unseen concept art from the game’s archives. A licensed track from the game’s new soundtrack was included to communicate the audio aspect of the title, whilst the usual physical game disc was replaced with a downloadable code, to further evoke a futuristic theme – a future where data is downloaded rather than exists physically. Each kit also featured numbered editioning to further the exclusivity.



The New Ship Edition, of 20 quantity, was the first element to be sent out – to announce the unveiling of a new ship in the game, the Tigron K-VSR. Opening the custom sized carton mailer box the recipient revealed the first element of a very premium styled package – a black presentation box with tritone bellyand in silver, red and black presenting archive concept art in a modern remixed manner. The box featured a foiled lid design, and opened to reveal an inner lid panel featuring personalisation and numbered edition alongside marketing information. In the base of the box sat a custom foam fitment, into which was inset a red acrylic panel with silver screenprinted Tigron branding. The panel was removed to reveal the underlying content, which included a screenprinted mirrored base panel, onto which sat a 3D print of the Tigron ship.

The black finish of the 3D print allowed recipients to paint it themselves to the different in-game liveries, if they so wished. Upon removing the instructional leaflet from the foam the recipient discovered that the mirrored base panel enabled them to get the ship to levitate and defy gravity to create a truly unique collectable item, furthered by the blue LED lights within the base, which tie into the PlayStation brand. Such was the success of this Edition with the very select media who received it, an additional 16  were produced – and as an exclusive gift to Sony, we had a handpainted version of the ship produced to sit within a bespoke acrylic display case, with screenprinted WipEout iconography, for the levitating display stand to sit into.








The Ultimate Edition, of 163 quantity, followed a few weeks later and saw the kit built around an exclusive engraved 12” vinyl featuring one of the Omega Collection’s key tracks by French artist, ADDIKTION. Sent to recipients in a futuristic gloss silver mailer bag, within which was a card slipsleeve featuring a striking tritone of concept art in silver, red and black. Within the slipsleeve is a custom vinyl gatefold sleeve featuring spot UV detail and a ‘fly-eye’ lens representation of the keyart which gives the appearance of 3D depth.

The gatefold sleeve opened to reveal further concept art as a cold foil print with spot UV detail and a capacity pocket at each side. Within the pockets were 2 card inner sleeves with embossed logo, on a holographic mirri card – which evoked the ship’s speed/movemement when removed. One sleeve contained the 12” vinyl, with its printed label creating a visual effect when played. The second sleeve featured a lush oversized booklet – it’s cover a silver/black duotone with holographic foils, whilst the inner pages were gloss laminated, with localised inserts on tactile red paper, which inset lasercut metal card with a download code for the game.














The Standard Edition, of 1303 quantity, coincided with the release of the Ultimate Edition and played on hexagonal shapes seen within the in-game graphics. The initial presentation of the kit was cohesive with the Ultimate Edition – a gloss silver mailer bag and card slipcase, featuring tritone representation of concept art in silver, red and black. The concept art was however unique to this kit, whilst the slipcase was hexagonally shaped and revealed teasing glimpses of the inner content – a hexagonal fluorescent acrylic case with silver screenprinted iconography – inside which the content appears to ‘float’, playing on the anti-gravity theme of the game.

The content of the kit was a booklet – with fly-eye’ lens representation of the keyart on the cover, holographic foils and gloss laminated inner artwork unique to this edition, with foldout inner gatefold; a lasercut and edge painted printed card with game download code; and a futuristic styled transparent audio CD, with the ADDIKTION track.












These 3 Editions for WipEout Omega Collection were sent out to over 20 countries around the globe, designed, produced and dispatched within 2.5 months of the project briefing, and received amazing feedback and social media engagement. Further imagery to come on a future Fluid website update. Now go race…

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