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WONDR – Fighting Fear

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WONDR – “Where there is a gap in knowledge, fear fills the void”


  1. “A feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable or unfamiliar”.
  2. “A person or thing regarding as very good, remarkable, or effective”.


  1. “Desire to know something; feel curious”.
  2. “Feel doubt”.

Have you ever been stuck in limbo? Looking to start something new but struggling to find the right information and advice?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Enter, WONDR

I WONDR about…?

WONDR exists as a social nexus, providing insight, community support and tools to assist with learning and self-progression. WONDR assists users in defining and devising personal goals in an online eco-system, recommending content based on their interests/passion in life.

To begin with the user will be encouraged to browse content relevant to their interests, bookmarking pieces of content they feel is relevant to their own goal(s). As well as building their brand, visual identity and creative strategy, Fluid were appointed to plan, design and build the WONDR platform, based on a phased approach.

Phase 0 – Landing page, featuring one design layout with the sole purpose of capturing email addresses. The email addresses will be used to send WONDR ‘buzz-building’ emails, prior to launch. The initial phase of the build (Phase 0) was WONDR‘s landing (which launched late last year). This was a teaser to introduce the WONDR brand and an opportunity to start building a rapport with key influencers (via email address registration).

Phase 1 – The second phase of the project is just the start of what the platform will be capable of. Having started the planning for this before the summer, the final pieces of the jigsaw are now finally coming together. This phase (Phase 1) introduces the user to the WONDR platform – as an MVP; providing an insight into the audience. The client is using this as a key opportunity to work within a network, who will be willing to share feedback that will improve the future phases of the WONDR platform. Key insight from users will allow the client to narrow down priorities for the platform in its growing phase.



WONDR is all about your dreams, aspirations and curiosities, calling out for you to chase them. Our client seeked to instill that sense of purpose into each and every user, providing them with a digital platform to bridge the knowledge gap. Constant learning and exploration (within various fields), coupled by the user’s own curiosity were paramount to progressing with any meaningful guile.

As humans, we have multiple facets to our personality. Instead of shying away from the many elements that combine to make us who we are, learning to understand and embrace ourselves is key. This is where WONDR really comes into its own.

How we WONDR…


An integral part of the WONDR project was giving it a fitting brand identity. Building upon the foundations of our client’s vision gave us a solid starting point. We used WONDR‘s philosophy as an ingredient to inform our design thinking, getting under the skin of WONDR‘s core brand values.

In WONDR-esque fashion, we took a range of fragmented visual influences to fuel our vision into a cohesive package, consisting of WONDR Key Art, brand guidelines and web elements.

Alternative Logo Development


Brand Guidelines




WONDR brand collateral



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