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2021 Project Highlights

As we welcome 2022, we at Fluid decided to look back at last year and compile a short list of our favourite projects from across our five departments. From global kits, international trend guides to slick product showcase videos- below is a list of some of our favourite projects from 2021.


New State is the ‘sequel’ to the all conquering Battle Royale PUBG- seizing a dystopian vision of warfare and expanding the lore of the PUBG universe. Fluid was asked to build brand identity, logo and brand guidelines: the cornerstone visual parameters and elements which constitute the the visual identity of the product.

This included the palettes, patterns and core brand elements. The result was an anarchy inspired, futuristic brand stamp that drew the player into PUBG's latest world.

Packaging: Riot & Netflix: Arcane

Arcane is the blockbuster Netflix show made in conjunction in Riot games - showcasing the league of legends universe with a brand new adventure.

We were asked to mark the launch with the biggest influencer kit project Fluid has ever undertaken (and that says something!).

With 3500 units to global locations, Fluid helped ensure the Arcane became not just another entertainment launch - but a fundamental changing of the guard for the entertainment industry.

Digital: Square Enix: Final Fantasy VII

Fluid is a proud incumbent creative partner of Square Enix and we have been trusted with their flagship Final Fantasy franchise.

Our latest work was to support Final Fantasy VII with a visual update and supporting sentiment. We focussed on the concept of unlocking true power, a message to work in conjunction with the launch pf PS5 and the final fantasy VII remake.

Licensing: Warhammer 40K: Trend Creative

Warhammer 40K is one of the most aggressively coveted and quickly growing entertainment IP’s in the world, perhaps the pinnacle of of viscerally violent word-building, fleshed out to gruesome levels and unapologetic in it’s themes

Fluid was asked to develop a global style guide that captured the essence of the franchise and explore various factions and characters in spectacular visual detail.

Motion: Thrustmaster

Gaming hardware specialists Thrustmaster approached us with their latest hybrid drive system, the T248 racing wheel and a simple goal; to invite all gamers to ‘Master Each Track’.

We had a blast getting hands-on with the wheel, getting to know its high quality features and design. This wheel is perfect for gamers looking to get their first high-end racing wheel, or existing users ready to take their experience to the next level. This meant it was important to appeal to the lifestyle market as well as hardcore gamers within our creative. We felt that this could be achieved by showcasing the beauty and tactile, premium experience the T248 offers.