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34th Golden Joystick Awards!

2018 marked the 36th Golden Joystick Awards, it saw categories such as Still Playing Award, Best VR Game, Studio of the Year and Best Indie Game. Starting out in 1983, the awards initially focused on pc games, this was until it saw the success of console gaming, through the Sega Master System and Sega Master Drive. The Golden Joystick Awards is the longest running public-voted gaming awards, it also saw a record year for the amount of votes cast.

Golden joystick awards

God of war

After seeing that God of War had won 4 awards: Best Storytelling, Best Visual Design, Best Audio and PlayStation Game of the Year, we wanted to share our work on the franchise
God of War centres on Kratos’ life after leaving the gods of Olympus behind. He is now trying to find peace amongst the unfamiliar lands of Norse monsters and gods by taking the ashes of his past wife to a sacred mountain top
god of war - header

We were proud to provide the global media kit for the game's launch. The kit was bespoke and drew on the powerful new storyline of Norse mythology. We also created two Special Editions for the team at the Santa Monica studio, with the kit coming in a wooden box. The box was hand stained and laser engraved with Nordic insignia and the release date.

god of war - nordic insignia
god of war - inside
god of war booklet
god of war wooden box
god of war wooden box close up

Congrats to the team over at Santa Monica for winning Studio of the Year too!

You can see more on our blog and project page.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human also won 2 awards for Best Performance by Bryan Dechart and Best New Streamer/Broadcaster. The game is set in 2038 and focuses on androids that become deviant. It offers sprawling decision trees for the player to navigate and endure the consequences of their decisions.

detroit become human header

The kit was we created was a CyberLife branded triangular box that referenced the three main playable characters - Connor, Kara and Markus. It included a CyberLife style ID card and data cards, also produced were temporary tattoos that were separate.

detroit become human
detroit become human
detroit become human
detroit become human
detroit become human

You can see more on our blog and project page.


Full list of winners can be see here!