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A Month of Travel

It's not always easy to keep up with the entertainment industry. Our clients often like to move at breakneck speed, the calendar is never too far from an international expo and there ain't no replacement for screenless face-time.

This makes it tough, but ever a pleasure to get out and see the world. So far this year has had us traverse the sunshine state, the big apple, and two sin cities - and being the ever eager watchers of the world, which we are- we compiled a short 'photo essay' of our gallivanting... by which we mean we took some snaps. Observe and enjoy.


Our first transatlantic adventure took us to the iconic shores of Manhattan to meet with a new gaming client. We suffered pandemic levels of office envy at the hands of our panam pals. See below for why. Morningstar cafe's, bagels and the blaring beeps of construction sounds welcomed us to a city with which we became promptly enamored.


Fluid's home away from home: though May grey kept the sunburn at bay (for a few hours) lime scooters, Bubba Gump's and the sherbert sunsets kept the trip quintessentially Californian. Whilst not working, most of our time was spent drinking THAT lemonade and wondering what a seafront apartment on Venice costs (cause' we want one).


Ah Vegas... Vegas is ridiculous and we love it. We attended for the LIMA Licensing Expo but was sure to find some downtime. A drive through the desert lead us to the famous Peggy Sue's cafe and the neon museum for a slice of Casino.


Sin City number a two and personal favourite of ours. One of our closest clients invited us over for shteak' and a brainstorm and we naturally obliged. As a first time visitor, digital director Lewis was quite taken aback (nearly put on his back) but the number of militant cyclists, the smell of the coffee shops and of course those doorways. But it was sunny, hot and he found Heineken- so he was happy.