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Dovetail Games: Stimulating Simulation

Dovetail is a different kind of Games company. Whilst much of the mainstream floods us with sorcery, bloodlust and loot boxes, Dovetail want us to realise our more practical childhood dreams.

They are the Kings of Sim - a genre often confined to the annals of early PC gaming and hobbyists. Their heritage gives them cornerstone status and calming feels to those of us raised on the bosom of early 90's gaming, whilst their (sometimes daunting) detail posits them at the pinnacle of technically challenging, hyper-real experiences. This gravity defying act is a skill for which Sim games are rarely accredited.

Dovetail exert a genuineness that would put to shame many a multi-million dollar E3 production. Instead, their commitment to the best possible simulator experience rewards their customers in a much more personal way. With unrelenting attention to detail of equipment, machinery and physics- Dovetail's games effortlessley achieve a level of immersion that AAA developers can seldom claim, but always strive for.

For these reasons, and more- Dovetail are close to our heart.

Steve Payne, Fluid's art director summed it up.

The projects feel different. There is the same amount of care, attention and craft going into them- just less ego from those involved. It really is a consumer first process.. which isn't always the case with some AAA studios and publishers

- Steve Payne

We've been creating Dovetail's key art for the past few years, and with the diversification of Gaming continuing to fascinate us (and with Gamescom around the corner), we wanted to pull together some of our work from across their titles.

We aim to make the art feel premium, and honour the enthusiasm of the community around Dovetail's titles. At the same time we want the pack and key art to confidently message that the game is a real-life sim experience.

All works were well received by fans and client alike, and we look forward to our next project with Dovetail Games.

We always enjoy working with the team at Fluid. Their attention to detail and keen interest in our simulation games has always produced a fantastic final piece of art. Whether it’s a new key art concept or working with existing designs, their creativity and flair always impresses us.

- Emma Hearn, Head of Creative Services, Dovetail
Fishing Sim World key art
Train Sim World
Train Sim 2017