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Fashion Trends

Trend forecasting is an absolute speciality of our talented Licensing Director Stacey. Whether lifestyle, apparel or design, we try to apply these themes and trends throughout our work. With this mind - and 2019 under way - we took a look at the biggest fashion trends of the coming year!

trends 2020


Among the many trends that will hit retail this year, nothing is as iconic or nostalgic as tie-dye. But, don’t think the 90’s oversized t-shirts boasting psychedelic colours. In 2020 it is more pastel colours, subtle and in some cases minimalistic. It has been given a modern makeover, it has been developed further for luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, leather and silk. For once, the catwalk resembled clothing that the average person would wear.

Tie-dye isn’t just on t-shirts anymore, it is everywhere - from jumpers to shoes, earphones to hairbands - we have also seen Barbie wearing it. With the trend working so well across unisex, the scope for having exclusive designs are wide and have great longevity. Each tie-dye is unique, playing into the growing theme of individuality perfectly - this is revolutionary for fast fashion. It’s a very contemporary take on a very bohemian style, it’s possibly one of our favourite trends. 

Trends: Tie-Dye


Barbie has been a huge hit since the 1960’s, she is now more diverse with multiple skin colours, body shapes, hair colours and hair types. The Fashionista range began in 2009, each Barbie has her own style that finds inspiration from current trends. They have dolls for distressed denim, camo, cactus and nautical - all key trends over the last year. 

Barbie Fashionista 112 wears a tie-dye hello slogan t-shirt, denim shorts and a partial up-do hair style. The doll hits the trend perfectly with a blend of blues, pinks, purples and a smattering of yellow.

Barbie Tie Dye

Urban Animals

In Autumn/Winter we saw an array of beautiful animal prints all over the catwalk and high street. Shown in warm and luxurious tones, the prints featured tigers, leopards, zebras and snakes. In 2020, they will be back. They will be more edgy, loose, personalised and bespoke. With colours going beyond the browns, blacks and whites, they will feel more high end and trends focused. We see the scale of the pattern change - going big and bold, with pattern overlaps. It’s a real fresh take on the ever loved prints!

Starting out as real fur in the 1920’s, the leopard print was a symbol of status and was worn by movie stars and housewives. By 1960 it was a staple of any wardrobe, moving into prints for silk and hitting the bohemian movement with force.

urban animals trends

Guess Fierce Watch

Guess were founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers and have a range of products - watches, clothing, accessories. They were one of the first companies to create designer jeans and in 1984 introduced watches - ‘Guess’, ‘Guess Steel’ and ‘Guess Collection’.

In 2016, Guess released the Fierce watch that features a leopard print strap and watch face. The watch has gold coloured markers with a bold and glitzy dial. This just shows that animal prints are going nowhere!

Guess Fierce Watch

Clear Fluros

Another big trend will be clear fluros, last summer we saw the transparent mac - which was a huge hit! In 2020 clear fluro will be everywhere - from footwear to apparel, stationery to homeware, it’s going to be a huge summer trend.

Neon apparel was huge back in the 90's, leg warmers and tops came in a variety of colours such as pink, green and yellow. Clothing also came in an array of patterns from triangles and lightning bolts to rectangles and diamonds. Briefly making a comeback in 2009, neon leg warmers and neon socks became a huge staple piece.

clear fluro trend board

Tote Bag

Moschino is known for their colourful, innovative and eccentric designs that stand out from the crowd. They are very prominent on the catwalk and have worked with many licensed characters - like Spongebob and Looney Tunes.

The ‘See Through 2-in-1 Tote’ is very high end and an incredibly tasteful take on the clear fluro trend. It feels very feminine with its floral pattern and purple trim.

Clear fluro tote bag