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In anticipation for LIMA, our comms manager Nick and Creative Director Stacey flew to LA this week! Not going to the States very often,They will be visiting our American friends in Burbank, Hollywood and Santa Monica before heading over to Vegas.

LA Skyline

Licensing Expo, which is sponsored by LIMA, takes place on the 22nd until the 24th of May. The event is one of the biggest licensing trade shows in the world, it allows businesses to network and get up-to-date on trends for the next year. We also get to meet new contacts and reacquaint with those we’ve met before - oh and mingle with some of the most loved characters!

Licensing Expo in Vegas

If you want to follow our LIMA trip, keep an eye out on our social media! 

If you are attending the event and want a quick chat with us you can email - Nick - nick@fluidesign.co.uk or Stacey - stacey@fluidesign.co.uk!