Fluid at Gamescom!

That’s right! Fluid are travelling to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany next week! All that’s left is to board that plane (and try not to forget the passport...) Gamesom gives us the chance to meet up with old friends and clients whilst making new contacts at the same time. We also get to play some games which haven’t yet come out!

So, what on earth is Gamescom? Dubbed “the heart of gaming”, it is one of Europe’s largest gaming events. Some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sony and Nintendo, are attending. With confirmation that we’ll see Super Mario as well as the new Far Cry 5, it has something for everyone. For gamers, each year gets better. Offering the most up to date and exclusive new games, it’s hardly surprising that hundreds of thousands flock to Gamescom. This year is set to be even bigger than last.

Crowds at Gamescom 2016



It isn’t just the major players in the gaming world, there is a lot of buzz around the indie game releases. The Indie Arena Booth gives stage to lesser known games and developers. With 11 Bit Studios and Studio Fizbin confirmed to be attending, there is a lot to offer the indie gamers out there. It isn’t just Poland and Germany represented in the Indie Arena Booth, there are 26 countries in total. The newest feature added to the Booth is the live streaming studio. It’s the indie place to be!

For those who can’t make the trip to Germany this year, you can experience live streams from the comfort of your sofa. Some of the biggest companies in gaming, EA and Microsoft, are confirmed. So, if you fancy plugging in on a budget then this is your best chance.

Inside Gamescom 2016

My "most anticipated Gamescom games" list

Far Cry 5

By far one of the most anticipated games this year, based around cults, violence and politics - in a not so obvious way. It has a lot to live up to with the successes of the rest of the franchise, but living by that rule it almost certainly will.


Not as big or well known as others, this game challenges the players tactical skills as well as their morality. A survival game where the outcomes depends on your choices, what will you choose?

Sea of Thieves

A shared world, you play as a pirate with other players. Whether they are friends or foes, you sail the seas collecting treasure. Not to forget the odd ship battle.

Monster Hunter: World

Become a hunter in this exciting RPG game, you roam a vast environment. The key aim is hunting - you guessed it: monsters! Step by step you take down more dangerous monsters, are you up for the challenge?