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Lucky as we are to traverse the 4 corners of the world, meeting up with all kinds of wonderful and sometimes weird industry people (i.e. our mates) - no time of year feels quite so close to our heart as about now. The reason being, about now is the precise time we begin thinking about our yearly trip to Gamescom.

As ever we have a tonne of new work and ideas that we are keen to share, and want to make sure we areĀ  high-fiving and beverage-supplying all the clients that were good enough to trust us with incredible briefs, this year. There is no shortage of you!

We will of course be dead keen to meet any new faces who might want to bounce some ideas off, (or pick the brain of) a creative agency.

This years envoys will be Nick, Comms Manager and Lewis, Digital Account Director.

Feel free to give them a shout if you want to book a chat, about anything!

Auf Wiedersehen.