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Fluid Shortlisted for MCV Agency of the Year

We are overjoyed to have been shortlisted by our friends at MCV for the creative agency of the year award 2022: With over 25 years of delivering key art, campaigns both online and offline, press kits, trend guides and so much more; we've made it our mission at Fluid to support developers and publishers with passionately crafted, visually rich creative that fans love forever.

We humbly hope our works contributed to gaming's global success- so to be recognised by our lifelong peers, neighbours and friends at MCV and by our clients throughout the world {for just that}, makes us deeply proud.

We truly appreciate any and all support from friends, clients, contacts, collaborators and followers. We can’t wait to see you all there.


*Please note you DO NOT require your MCV subscription number to vote, only your email.