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Fluid Takes The Wheel With Thrustmaster’s T248 Reveal At Gamescom

Gaming hardware specialists Thrustmaster approached us with their latest hybrid drive system, the T248 racing wheel and a simple goal; to invite all gamers to ‘Master Each Track’.

We had a blast getting hands-on with the wheel, getting to know its high quality features and design. This wheel is perfect for gamers looking to get their first high-end racing wheel, or existing users ready to take their experience to the next level. This meant it was important to appeal to the lifestyle market as well as hardcore gamers within our creative. We felt that this could be achieved by showcasing the beauty and tactile, premium experience the T248 offers.

Beauty within balance and contrast lead our creative strategy and this visual language demonstrated the technical breadth of the T24B: From the shifting, jagged grit to pristine asphalt - the T248 telegraphs every nuanced detail to the users fingertips and it was our job to show this to the audience. 

In our visual creative, we used a limited colour palette, with rose gold and silver reflections pushing the premium feel of the product. By creating raised areas for the T248 to be placed, evoking podiums and contour maps we cemented the product's masterful position.

For the first release of our 15 second teaser we presented the wheel and pedals, mostly devoid of copy or backing track. Instead we created a motorized symphony of mechanical and engine sound, from a variety of sources and disciplines for the public's first introduction to the T248.

The abstract surfaces used within the set design revealed unseen product angles, whilst operating as a window into the gameplay experience. Through this lens, we created a direction we called ‘Each Track, Each Angle’.

There is nothing quite like the high octane adrenaline of racing simulation games, and there was near limitless potential in bringing a product like this to life with a Fluid Motion twist. Thanks to our partners across the gaming industry, we were able to show the wheel in action across all our favourite motoring titles.

Check out the full trailer here!