Glastonbury Festival 2019

Notorious for its Pyramid stage, the world famous Glastonbury festival held the demand of 135,000 festival goers AND millions of TV and online viewers. As a stay-at-home, basking in the sunshine, TV viewer, we’re going to round off Glastonbury 2019 with our favourite moments.

Kylie Minogue: Legend Slot.

The 90s and 00s Aussie pop sensation stole the show in the reputable Legend slot this year, following the footsteps of Lionel Richie, Dolly Parton, and Neil Diamond. Glastonbury this year felt more substantial as a comeback to her absence in 2005. A few tears were shed, but the crowd was besotted with her performance and she seemed truly grateful for it. With her Greatest Hits album just released, Spinning Around, Can’t Get You Out of My Head (with Chris Martin!?!) and Love at First Sight were amongst a few in the jam-packed slot on Sunday Afternoon. Her whole set could be described in these three words: nostalgic, admiring, deserved. To see her set in loco-motion (sorry I had to) see below

Kylie Minogue – Spinning Around (Glastonbury 2019)

Stormzy: Headliner

Stormzy’s headliner set was phe-nom-e-nal. At 10pm on Friday night, the first day of Glastonbury, the Pyramid stage blew up in red and blue, a striking digital setting to jerk to the beat of Know Me From. This powerful arrival only became more energetic through the set with his huge hits of Shut Up, Crown and Vossi Bop, no wonder he was so sweaty. This whole set really acknowledged and praised the black community, with an amazing performance from Ballet Black, an all-black ballet company, as the name suggests. It becomes an even greater sense of achievement for Stormzy, the first grime-artist, one of the first black, AND the second youngest to headline Glastonbury . Great show. #merky

Stormzy – Blinded by Your Grace, Pt. 2 (Glastonbury 2019)

Alex Mann: Who is he?

15-Year-Old Alex Mann did not think he’d gain 100,000 twitter followers overnight, but Glastonbury did that for him. Daves set called upon a lyrically sound fan to go up on stage, in front of thousands, and sing with him. Alex was chosen from the front of the crowd wearing an iconic Thiago Silva shirt which caught Daves eye. This beautiful moment below shows Dave advising ale and giving him support for coming on stage. It was a heart-warming moment between the two; And NO one thought he’d smash it out of the park with the rap he recites. Some argue it was a fix, but either way it was a very proud moment for @mannerzzzz

Dave (feat. Alex) – Thiago Silva

David Attenborough: Plastic Preach

Theres been a recent resurgence in the worldly love for Sir David Attenborough, and a well-earned respect for literally any word that comes out of his mouth. This national treasure took the perfect opportunity to preach climate change to thousands of fans on the Pyramid Stage on Sunday, who, in return, roared in praise. A promotion for his new show Seven Worlds One Planet was also advertised, which will further instil our need to save the planet. Glastonbury has now gone plastic free, which is a great achievement in itself. Thanks David for the inspiring speech.

Sir David Attenborough’s surprise appearance at Glastonbury

Lewis Capaldi: Noel Gallagher comeback

Never ceasing to find a way to get a laugh, whether that be on Instagram or on stage, Lewis Capaldi did not fault on Saturday. After digs online from the outspoken Oasis legend Noel Gallagher, Lewis swaggers on the Pyramid stage in the iconic haircut, bucket hat and parka jacket as a comeback – 100% Noel. As a personal fan of Lewis and his hilarious stories, this peaked a spot on our best bits at Glasto this year. Check out his entrance to the stage here:

Lewis Capaldi Glastonbury Noel Gallagher Entrance

Miley Cyrus: And Others?

The wrecking ball that is Miley Cyrus blasted her performance on the Pyramid Stage on Sunday afternoon. It seems there were a lot of surprise additions to the stage this year with an Old Town Road session featuring Billy Ray and Lil Nas X (see the video below). It was pretty cool to see the current number one amongst her Disney and rebellious hits. Other songs to have featured were Party in the USA, Wrecking Ball and a paid homage to Amy Winehouse and Led Zeppelin. As a whirlwind sort of performance, it’s nothing less than what we’d expect of Miley.

Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA/Old Town Road/Panini (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus & Lil Nas X) Glastonbury

So, that’s it for 2019! But next Summer, 2020, sees the 50th Anniversary of Glastonbury Festival. This £1 ticket festival now turned into arguably the world’s largest; hopefully Michael Eavis and Worthy Farm will have a few more surprises up their sleeves to celebrate. Let’s hope that the glorious weather continues to next year’s blowout