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Influencer Craze – how do they do it?

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at the world’s most popular influencers and check out their successes through social media. Neither influencer marketing nor celebrity endorsement is new- but some of the stratospheric statistics associated with social influencers ave reached unprecedented levels- so it’s interesting to see what makes a good influencer, how they use their social media presence and what rewards they reap. We might even find some tips that assist our own social media marketing for the creative industry

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on instagram with over 190 million followers and an annual income of £37 million solely from his social media presence (making him the highest paid influencer on the gram). His feed is based around his football career- from his breakthrough to Manchester United to Juventus today. 

Ronaldo also does lots of amazing charity work, which few people know of. In 2011, when awarded the European golden boot, instead of keeping it in his trophy room, he donated the boot for  £1.5 million to war-stricken schools in Gaza.

Ronaldo, as a Stereotypical well-rounded and charismatic footballer (arguably the world’s best), creates great benefits making a role model for particular markets, a male-dominated fanbase. The amazing charitable work and donations he does, alongside many other footballers, promotes community support and in turn maintains a positive image. Young people growing up in the football fan scene are exposed to these icons and hopefully share these views and prospects in the future.


One of the world's most famous sisters, Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Kylie Jenner, is an extremely successful instagrammer. With 150million followers, she rakes in $1.2 million per post, crowning her as the highest paid per post to date. Not only is she a successful reality star, model and influencer - but has shown the immense power of social media with her KYLIE cosmetics (which also has a following of over 22million) - and as of 2019 is Forbes’ youngest self-made billionaire.

This presence, however, like her sisters, does not go to waste - here are just a few examples of how the Kardashian status was used to an advantage for charity.

15 facts that make you think differently about the Kardashion-Jenner family 

Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashians have taken the idea of a sex symbol and a business symbol and merged them into a 21st Century unstoppable power icon. Whether you like her or not, Kylie is just one example of the many young female influencers proving a feminist movement - and hopefully inspires young girls and boys worldwide.


Selena Gomez is an American singer, model and actress who starred on popular disney show Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena has 160 million instagram followers and earns over a hefty $500,000 per post. Selenas honesty and transparency on her instagram is one of the reasons for her success and popularity on the app, preaching social issues and charitiable good-doings like pro-choice abortion laws, gun crime, poverty and #WEday. Theses posts speak for themselves - from disney to music to the world, you go Selena!


Felix Kjellberg, best known as PewDiePie is the owner of the most subscribed channel on youtube, and earns roughly $15.5 million per year. Originally a youtube gamer, PewDiePie has grown his channel content to much more- reviewing games, daily news, and most recently reverting back to the days of Minecraft. He presents himself as energetic and quite goofy. Due to Felix’s popularity and gregarious personality, he has courted to small amount of controversy over the years to accompany his success.

Nevertheless, PewDiePie has definitely  contributed to the progression of YouTube culture as we see it today. The goofy, comedic narration of popular and indie games firstly promoted the games themselves but also personalised the experience with his informality and allowed viewers to feel like they can relate to him (a now great tactic). 


(personal favourite)

Less than a decade after completing a degree, Megan Ellaby is one of the UK's biggest fashion bloggers and a successful stylist at major fashion retailer ASOS, with two hefty influencer awards under her Gucci belt. Social media and youtube was not the initial career path for Megan, but her university hobby of diary taking turned fashion blog, became popular amongst like minded readers. And the rest, is history! 

She now has a following of 202K on Instagram and 98.4K subscribers on Youtube. She regularly posts her outfits, promoting retailers and brands, as well as lifestyle and her own personal journey updates. With her style is sort of like dolly mixture, she intertwines colour, pattern and fabric create a sweet combination.

She utilised her new found popularity and in early 2019 launched her own beautiful fashion line, ‘Saturday by Megan Ellaby’ - block coloured knits and tees with simple motifs and logos. Different to the previous influencers who, lets say, had a small advantage in their startup-  Megan took the adventurous, opportunist path and developed her own career and brand from a university blog, with ‘Saturday’ now a booming independent brand.