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It’s LIMA- but not as we know it

With LIMA Las Vegas sadly postposed this year, myself and our creative director Stacey looked longingly at our Piz Buin and decided we weren't taking this lying down. Obviously there are much more pressing reasons to stay at home than un-sunned skin and so we thought about how best to catch up with our Licensing pals from over the water.

Thus, have decided to run our own remote mini-LIMA. Admittedly, it's a pretty quaint affair compared to the expo, but hey- it beats not seeing the industry's finest.

We are genuinely thrilled with the number of our clients and contacts who have agreed to spend 20 minutes over Zoom, letting us present our latest work and generally catching up on life. So far no-one has chastised us for not having a Las Vegas backdrop or casino themed filter- (which to be fair was pretty low hanging fruit, creatively speaking).

S0- a quick thank you to all of our licensing friends with whom were speaking this week and a final rally call for anyone that might want to see our latest and greatest licensing work.. via Zoom!  Just drop me a line, be a pleasure to speak.


If you want to see some work but don't have time for a chat just say and I will gladly send over our updated creds via email.