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As we shared at the time (without much humility if we’re honest), we found cause to hit the skies and visit the States earlier this year.

As well as the superb E3 expo, we had a sched of meetings with some of our Hollywood friends. As much as a pleasure as it was to cool down with an iced-T under the golden-state sunshine and get well jealous of their sparkling dental health- we intended to pull them in as a client and get working on our first Hollywood/US projects.

It took some convincing, a lot of hand-holding through the Brummie vernacular and a couple of cocktails- but we are super proud to say that are welcoming three new major movie studios on to our books.

20th Century Fox

Owners of the world’s most famous ident music and a plethora of world leading content, 20th Century Fox have created and managed some of the history’s most iconic TV shows and movies. We are working with them on a number of their key properties.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures is the spiritual home of the mega blockbuster. A look over their roster is a dive down nostalgias rabbit hole. With some of our favourite ever movies coming from their genius, we are geared up to help them develop their future projects.

(Nickelodeon) Viacom NYC

We have had the pleasure of working with Viacom UK for many years but have yet to share an AM bagel with their New York team. Well, we are now officially legal alien status and have spent much of this year helping them bringing their brands to life.

You can be sure our reluctance to name-drop projects will expire the same days as the NDA’s, until such time- watch this space.