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As we’re approaching BLE 2019, and fast approaching the big 2020, It seems suitable to review some great licensing and fashion trends within the art world and see what we can look forward to in design future! SS20 lines are dressing the designer runways, which will saturate high street stores in the following months. According to fashion experts, trends like patchwork, monotone and (finally) tie-dye are just some of the looks we believe to populate.

Licensing is a main player in the game of design, and fashion is now paying ode to pop culture more and more, so here’s some (personal) favourites of the brand collaborations that have graced our online shopping experiences this year:

1. stranger things

[Everyone] x Stranger Things

Three seasons of Netflix’s iconic show Stranger Things has captivated millions of viewers worldwide. This nostalgic teenage thriller not only brings older fans back to childhood, but charms teenagers with their fabulous young cast. So, as the perfect recipe for a show, they’ve been inundated with collaborations for fashion. 

H&M, Levi's, Nike and even Louis Vuitton have been spotted representing the show in their lines and runways

What we're most excited for this the upcoming re-release of the original Nike Cortez’ in the stranger things colourway, wonder how long they’re going to be available for?

“@Stranger_Things 3 is breaking Netflix records! 40.7 million household accounts have been watching the show since its July 4 global launch — more than any other film or series in its first four days. And 18.2 million have already finished the entire season.”

- @Netflix via Twitter

2. lazy oaf

Lazy Oaf x Mr Men

Smaller but no less important UK based independent brand Lazy Oaf , is arguably one of the best brands out there at the moment. Lazy Oaf sits at the ASOS quality end of UK design, and have multiple licensing collabs. Founder Gemma Shiel describes its aesthetic as “bold colours and graphic prints”. For us, it’s a grungy, rebellious twist on the cute, and the queen of alternative fashion. This fantastic Mr Men collaboration (out now) references current trends, such as graphic tees, camo print and fleece jumpers.



According to the colour guru Pantone, following this years colour of the year Living Coral, trending colours for next year include, electric blue,  dark teal, turquoise; and earthy tones like clay and burnt red. It’s an unusual but harmonious combination of herby shades and rich sea shades. These colours in examples below are just an example of how well they can be mixed and matched, so look out for these shadeon next years rails!

ref: https://www.italianbark.com/color-trends-2020-pantone-2019-livingcoral/


Proceeding with the colour theme, a strong trend forecast for next year is monotonous outfits. No, not boring, just tonal! It’s a bold outfit choice to pair blue double denim or print on print but- perhaps as the rise of co ord fashion becomes evermore popular, its a wise choice to go all orange, or all pink, or all yellow? Coupling this trend takes careful skill of matching different materials too. (check out the board below for examples!)


Just like Grandmas quilting, patchwork will be BACK and it’s looking gorgeous. Versace SS18 touched on patchwork and Prada, Louis Vuitton and elements of Moschino also sneak patchwork tendencies into their 19/20 collections. Patchwork can be as extraordinary or as delicate as it likes, dependant on the design. Patchwork done well also demonstrates great craftsmanship in the stitching and composition - and it seems to be working!


Screen print and hand printed designs as a low fi technique are quite graphic in their own right. However, pair that with a designer name and a cool denim jacket and it becomes a very big trend. Logo printing is possibly the closest linked trend to graphic design as an art form in this forecast- it coincides with the current aesthetic of type slice, repetitive words, collage, patchwork and customisation. It can make the pieces aunthentic and home made, but also designed and composed. Take the iconic Chanel logo, and put it up against frayed denim? A contrasting match, but done well when subverting its norm.


Perhaps this trend is more speculative than it is a real runway trend. Nevertheless, the surge in popularity of alternative and almost ‘horror’ genre like music that is Billie Eilish, has really pushed the alternative grungy, graffiti look she carrries. (Not to mention the bright neon). Throughout many festivals this year Billie has supported the co ord movement, comfort and tshirts were the norm. It’s a bold twist on stereotypical female artists silhouettes, with baggy shorts and intense patterns -  which we're loving!

Similarly, eastern prints derived from Japan and China are very popular in high street stores like Topshop and a Urban Outfitters, very similar to the style of Billie herself. With such a huge teen fan base and growing,  I don’t see this aesthetic going anywhere soon!


And so, after a great year of film, tv and fashion collaboration - BLE is set to be teeming with great merchandise and work! We’re very much looking forward to attending this year, and bringing our own portfolio of licensing works with the hope of growing our network. From WWE to Capcom to Nickelodeon - we’ve rounded up some of our favourite licensing works to date, take a scroll!



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See you at BLE!