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Lionsgate and Warner Bros. wins for Fluid

Fluid are super proud to announce that after almost a year of persistence and presententations, we have welcomed both Lionsgate and Warner Bros Consumer Products team to our ever growing roster of beloved American clients.

Both clients are based with our cinnamon-skinned comrades over on the golden coast, so as well as diving into some awesome IP's and creative, we have secured ourself another excuse to hit Santa Monica and gobble voodoo donuts.

Lionsgate make some of our favourite movies and Netflix shows like Power and Uncle Drew and we get to look at consumer products for both of them. Some of them are hyper violent at times but also subtle and super cool so we expect our creatives to have massive fun with them and Warner Bros have simply been one of our favourite companies forever, so servicing them in any way is a bit of a dream.

- Stacey, Creative Director, Fluid

We wanted to thank our friends at both companies for giving us their time and trust and we look forward to lots of absurdly nerdy conversations and making some famous work.