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Media Kits: Spanning the Years

From Media to Influencer

Media kits have been a huge part of the industry for decades. Over the years, influencers, youtubers, bloggers and streaming has become prominent.

The kits are now on a world stage, millions of people see them. Traditionally journalists received the media kits, they would then write a review and publish it in a magazine. The reach and audience was those who read those specific magazines, the kits got kept behind closed doors.

Today they don't just go to journalists at GamesRadar, Polygon and IGN anymore. They also go to influencers with big followings on social media platforms with unbelievable reach of thousands and millions of views per video. These (largely) objective self-styled media moguls have changed the landscape of game reviews, chucking much of the traditional means of reviewing into the abyss and letting the days of mediocre media kits go with it. 

Youtube offers us something that nothing did before it - real(ish) life, real(ish) time engagement. We, as human beings, trust those 'people like us' more than journalists. And sometimes, with valid reason.

To put the rise of Youtube and unboxing videos into perspective, we looked at just a selection of God of War videos and how many views they had. If you had a media kit that cost £30 per unit and unboxing videos totalled 1.5 million views, this would cost £1 for 50,000 views. That's a lot, especially when you aren't having to spend that much money for huge gains.

We were one of the first creative agencies to create media kits and continue to make them to this day. They are something of a speciality of ours, we make them for the biggest games in the world. We dived into our archives to relive some of our media kits from over the years - taking it back to one of the first kits we did and we now want to share with you, enjoy. 

War of the Monsters - 2003

War of Monsters media kit poster close up

War of the Monsters is one of the earliest media kits that we ever did, First released in 2003 this title plays homage to 1950’s sci-fi films. Set right after Earth is invaded by aliens and hazardous fuels lead giant monsters to spawning. You can play as a series of different monsters battling throughout city landscapes - and it's freeroam approach was unlike any other fighting game.

Coming in a square sleeve, the media kit's first detail was the cut out claw mark on the front. Inside there was a media disc which had in game content such as environments, monsters, concept art, a game guide, videos and screenshots. The kit also contained the game disc and a monster-sized A0 poster.

War of Monsters media kit front
War of Monsters media kit discs
War of Monsters media kit poster

Resistance 2 - 2008

Resistance 2 screenshot

Resistance 2 is set in 1953 and follows the events of the first game. You play as Nathan Hale - a soldier that has been injected with Chimera virus and stuck battling his way through an invading force of humanoid-reptilian marauders. Hale travels the US, battling the Chimera who have invaded the west and east coasts.

The media kit came in a rusted style metal box, identical to the biscuit tin within the game. Inside contained a birth certificate and exercise book - this had screenshots of Henry Stillman, the Radio USA presenter. Also inside was a movie ticket for a cinema on Main St in New York, American recruitment pamphlets, an old photo postcard, a newspaper clipping about the invasion and finally game and media asset discs.
Resistance 2 media kit contents
Resistance 2 media kit contents close up

F.E.A.R 2 - 2009

F.E.A.R 2 Media Kit

The F.E.A.R series centres around Alma and her terrifying psychic powers. At 3, her Dad introduced her to Armacham Technology Corporation who began experimenting on her. Project Origin, run by the ATC, recruited her and ultimately impregnated her.

F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin focuses on Michael Becket, a Delta Force Operator who used to be part of a project called Harbinger - although he seems totally unaware. There’s a lot of Alma and Becket fighting, a man who calls himself Snake Fist and a lot of bullet-time death.

Our media kit contains Alma’s possessions, drawings, chalk and promo materials for the game. It was presented in a wooden box engraved with the F.E.A.R logo. People loved this kits slavish commitment to the detail of FEAR lore. It was brutal, shocking and a genuine collectors item.

F.E.A.R 2 Media Kit
F.E.A.R 2 Media Kit
F.E.A.R 2 Media Kit Close up

PlayStation Move - 2010

PS Move controller

The PS Move is a motion game controller. It’s original release was for the PS3 but due to it’s success also came to the PS4 and VR consoles. Our kit was designed to reflect an empty room that could be bought to life using augmented reality. Included in the kit were some games that weren’t yet available, media assets, screenshots, artwork and videos

PS Move media kit
PS Move media kit open
PS Move media kit contents

LittleBigPlanet - 2012


LittleBigPlanet was first released in 2008. It follows Sackboy and his adventures through various worlds and has a huge focus on user generated content. The game came to the PS Vita and utilised the touch abilities of the portable console and re-adapted previous tools for the Vita. 

In the same year, LittleBigPlanet Karting got announced, following on from the events of LBP 2. It contained a story mode as well as normal gameplay and creative modes. The story mode focused around The Hoard, who were planning to steal the Craftverse’s Prize. So, Sackboy has to race against them. Creative mode allowed you to build your own track, you could choose what the track consisted of. You could also change the terrain, adding in lakes or ditches. Normal gameplay let you race against others in go-karts on a variety of tracks, with the primary aim of coming first. 

The media kit contained a disc of assets - logos, trailers, screenshots, underneath the Sackboy sticker there were more goodies. A double sided poster, one side consisting of Sackboy in a hundred different costumes, a sample code of LBP Karting and finally a code to download the game. It got presented in a black box had Sackboy pattern detailing.

LittleBigPlanet Media Kit
LittleBigPlanet Media Kit
LittleBigPlanet Media Kit

God of War - 2018

God of War - Header

God of War is based on Norse mythology, it follows Kratos - the former Greek God of War and his son Atreus. Together, they travel to fulfil Atreus’ mother’s wishes and spread her ashes at the top of the highest peak in the nine realms. Along the way they have to fight Norse gods and monsters. You play as Kratos predominantly but at times you can choose to play as Atreus. On metacritic, it’s the 3rd highest rated PS4 game. It also received rave reviews and perfect scores making it a highly anticipated game.

The kit came in a beautifully detailed semi-transparent cover that opened to reveal a monotone and red Nordic iconography styled box - which opened at the middle. Inside featured Kratos on the left and Atreus on the right, in the centre was the key art. On the back of the key art was a note from Cory Barlog that featured the kit’s personal number. Included in the kit was a booklet that had key art and screenshots from in game, a review disc, bookmark, sticker and a metal coin
God of War
God of War
God of War