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Our favourite projects of 2018

God of War

In this mountainous, nordic odyssey of vast and epic vision; Kratos and his son, Aratreus traverse a rich tapestry of realms, battle a bestiary of ghouls and deities and ultimately honour the dying wishes of Aratreus's mother by casting her ashes from the summit of the world.

Cory Barlog and Santa Monica Studio's latest instalment in the iconic God of War franchise was the first for it's generation and was ubiquitously celebrated as one of the all time pinnacles  of gaming excellence.

We were briefed to create a “bespoke one-of-a-kind media kit that would visually depict the new narrative, drawing inspiration from Norse mythology and portray the main protagonists, Kratos, and his son, Atreus.”

The final product was localised to 11 languages and delivered to 2413 recipients across 35 global territories to tie into the game’s release date - with premium production values, tactile materials and exclusive keepsakes informing media and key influencers in an engaging and stylistic manner which promoted social media coverage.

Two Special Editions were also created for Santa Monica Studio: with staff receiving an additional Nordic hymn sheet with decollaged edges; and an ultra VIP edition of 3 - which included kit #0001 presented to Cory Barlog. This saw the media kit presented within a bespoke wooden box - the wood was hand stained before being laser engraved with Nordic insignia and the release date - whilst the hinged lid was secured with a metal clasp, and opened to reveal a personalised printed panel on the lid inner and the media kit held securely in the base.

God Of War media kit opening 1
God Of War media kit opening 5
God Of War grid

MTV Consumer Products

Fluid is lucky enough to work with a number of culturally critical brands and institutions, and none more so than MTV. After providing them with an internationally facing,  fresh identity for their in-house communication with the theme of  'Kill Boring,' Fluid were asked to roll out the creative strategy to their consumer products programme.

We re-imagined the golden-era  of MTV'S DIY aesthetic for the digital age and landed squarely on memes and creatures. Three eyed llamas, bear Burgers, horny dinosaurs and an entirely new, (mildly inappropriate) language of emojis were just some of the expressions of our creative strategy.

Our consumer product programme of creative was rolled out across Europe to huge amounts of excitement.

MTV Core thumbnail
MTV Core rebrand logos
MTV Core rebrand emojis
MTV Core rebrand merchandise

Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The turtles are and remain one of the single most iconic intellectual properties of all time. The half-shell clad crusaders and original big city rebels gave us countless hours cross legged in-front of the VCR- watching Michealangelo round-house kick Shredder's henchmen until the tracking had to be reset. (Sorry for obscure reference, millennails)

Nickelodeon New York came to us with a brief of a life time- they had a new iteration of the show: The Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and they wanted a logo and some core graphics for roll out across the world. This version was deeper, darker and more fantastical than before- and we were committed to honouring the tent-peg property with the best of our creative.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Flaregames are a hugely loved mobile games publishers with big ambitions and an appetite for a new identity. Flaregames asked Fluid to create not only a completely fresh brand identity, animated logo, brand guidelines and a brand new website. We wanted to equip them with something contemporary, familiar and fresh.

The guiding, illuminating qualities of the company's namesake flare was something both parties were keen to communicate so we revised the badge and animated it for a frenetic effect.

Finally, we helped them deconstruct their brand proposition and distill their mission and identity to a simple phrase.


Flaregames t-shirts