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RAISE YOUR GAME: Re-branding Tilting Point

I didn't know anyone in New York. So waking up to the big Apple's area code was surprising. On the end of the line was Karolina Cooper- Tilting Point's marketing director who was deep in the throws of a difficult rebrand.

Tilting Point are a company with ambition, process and a sense of self, none of which of which were represented. They wanted to take the top 100 games in the world and turn some of them into top 10's.


With some milestone projects rolling over the hill and having been underwhelmed by previous attempts: Tilting Point was seeking drastic intervention to rally a clear vision, formulate a precise brief and get a worthy brand identity built and delivered.

Having gathered around a speaker phone, Karolina, James and I spoke at length about Fluid, Tilting Point, Brands and Games.

Before the month was out, James and I were jet-lagged and huddled around an acrylic coffee pot in Manhattan, ready amble into Tilting Point's foyet for 3 days of intense brand building workshop.

Fluid did a fantastic job on this project, worth a congratulations!

- Asi Burak - SVP Business Development

Tilting Point's loft studio looks like the apartment in Big. Brick, steel and sky-loungers teetering 30 stories in the sky above a cement ant's nest. That said; the on-tap root beer and drip coffee remained the go-to sight for our sore eyes. We were given use of a board room, directions to the bathroom and a fresh note-pad. The work began.

Under Karolina's wing we spent 10's of hours speaking with Tilting Point's numerous talents with in-depth qualitative, exploratory interviews. From creative to data, marketing to management and many in-between.

Tilting Point's offering is rich and bespoke, full or granular detail and creative options with method, scaleability and results at it's heart- for all this, we needed elegant creative that could effectively crystallise the companies eclectics.


Tilting Point also wanted to demonstrate a duplicity in their brand, they could nurture or simply support studios- entirely dependant on the visions of the studio with whom they were working,

Nothing this big should be easy and there was certainly lots of tennis played across the board rooms fairly imposing meeting table.

We went from deconstructing their core proposition, suggesting new words and tone of voice to a core set of key brand assets including logo, palettes, strap- a full suit of static for their visual identity and brand new site.

'Raise your game'