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THREE things to be excited for at Brand Licensing Europe 2021

We are finally getting back into the swing of real-life events, and couldn’t be happier about it. We loved meeting back up with people at MCV/IRL last month, and with BLE 2021 just around the corner, we wanted to share the three things we are most looking forward to at the show!


Let’s make MORE than a style guide!

Our hot take is that licensing guides are one of the most underutilised pieces of work which creative agencies offer. We have pulled together countless pages of bespoke graphics and illustrations in our time, which perfectly capture the theatrics and narrative of a brand or IP. 


We want to discuss how we can create style guides which go the distance for clients, working as more than just a throwaway piece of content which gathers dust once the project is complete. 

How have shopping habits changed since we were last together?

Yes, the boring answer to this question is that ‘It’s all online now’, but we want to get the skinny on the behind the scenes stories. Do we need to rethink our approach to store layout and POS marketing to reach a new type of shopper? Has the influx of online shoppers changed how we need to approach the digital marketplace? 


In addition to this, we want to hear how the world has changed for licensees since we’ve been apart. Whether it’s the challenge of a more congested supply chain, coupled with rapidly changing trends, we want to understand how the business landscape has changed.

Finally — Seeing everyone face-to-face again!

We can’t wait to hear about all of this face to face with our much missed friends and clients, and if you’re there we want to hear from you!


If you would like to book a short meeting with us, you can catch me on Nick@fluidesign.co.uk, and we will be in touch.