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Tundra: Own the Unknown

Our identity is the legacy of our actions within the context of our values. A code of behaviour and articulated vision ensures brands can weather storms, change, identity crisis, diversification, plagiarism, attacks, all whilst being steadfast in their highest possible ideals.

They wanted a true brand built on proper foundations that weren’t BS

So it was with a huge amount of excitement that we were approached by an emerging esports team who were truly committed to not just understanding themselves, but understanding their potential and having the pursuit of that potential a focal point of their brand and visual identity- in others words they wanted a true brand built on proper foundations that weren’t BS.

With great leadership built on clear trust, Tundra were able to communicate their overarching spirit and ambitions- they had a strong sense of they did not want to be and they were focussed on their value systems of quiet courage, steady discipline and hardy spirits (to name but a few).

We walked Tundra through our 7 step branding identity process, having them break down their motivations and individual associations, finding that which bound the team together and helping them bottle it- so that they can draw from it’s energy whenever they need.

From establishing core motivations, brand statements, positioning and identity statements, competitor analysis, brand values and ultimately strapline of OWN THE UNKNOWN Fluid’s visual creative team were then able to take the rains and begin translating this strategy into a suite of focal visual brand assets including logos, key arts and more.

Fluid’s designers created a brand stamp for Tundra that had a sense of drama and frenetic energy as well as being an ownable badge to signify dangerous, perilous, challenging environments to be overcome.

This was not the only challenging environment relevant to the project however. As we were delivering these key assets at the height of lockdown, we needed to art direct both video and photography in 3 different locations keeping a controlled, consistent creative output. Attending the London shoot but directing remotely over Zoom for the Saudi and Russia shoots.

Luckily Tundra are adaptive professionals and to their brand- were unphased by the challenge. We were able to produce a series of photography lead key arts that perfectly captured Tundra’s spirit.

This logo was placed considerately in a brand identity that reflected the icy, rugged cold of vast untamed landscaped with sweeping photography and arctic palettes.

Our design and brand had to immediately be placed on an appropriate FIFA Kit which gave us the perfect first opportunity to see our work in action.

To conclude the project and ensure Tundra were thoroughly equipped with everything they would need to take the leagues by storm we produces a launch video, developed a suite of social assets and delivered a set of brand guidelines to maximise Tundra’s agility in rolling out their new identity to the world.