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UFC Original Creative for fresh retail look.

As culture continues to be lead by entertainment the UFC has become a temple of inspirational characters and iconic moments. By standing for the timeless values of blood, sweat, tears, triumph and tribulation; the UFC has effortlessly positioned itself not only as the worlds leading combat sport organisation- but as a global lifestyle brand.

The UFC are well aware not just of the versatility of their brand but it’s potential to inspire and motivate an ever growing global community of die-hard followers. With this in mind, the UFC asked Fluid for some original creative that would help extend and activate the UFC brand at retail.

We explored three routes.

Urban Scroll: To honour the grit intrinsic to UFC’S brand we looked to graffiti culture, urban imagery and type inspired by the iconic logo and octagon.

Championship Gold: Focusing on the grandeur, scale and sense of theatre that the octagon delivers- we used golds and blacks to sleekly present the Champions.

Geometric: After Dark: Exploring a fresh take on high contrasts and bold graphics- our Geometric: After Dark route was immediately picked up UFC from which they built a bespoke capsule collection exclusively for their e-commerce store in collaboration with the legendary Isreal Adesnaya.

We are always super proud when our creative is promptly activated at retail and we look forward to seeing our work hit the street!