Welcoming James

I’m James, a creative intern at Fluid. I’ve been busy working here for around 6 months, so it’s about time I introduce myself.

I’m a big fan of all things surreal and experimental typography. Currently digging the graphic design (and music) of Iglooghost at the moment, check him out.


It’s exciting to work on some of the entertainment industry's most globally loved brands. As a music, game and movie appreciator it gives me extra drive to deliver exceptional work. 

I plan to use my time at Fluid to push my design skills and knowledge to the limit and have already improved vastly, since I started (The guys here have recently inspired me to start learning Blender, to make some sweet 3D for example).
I've no idea where my career will take me yet but working with Fluid has helped me close in on my goal of making amazing, famous creative that people love.

You can check out my personal work over on my website