Hello! I'm Lewis and have just joined Fluid as Head of Digital. I've spent the past 7 years doing the agency thing working on big entertainment brands such as Xbox, Blizzard Entertainment, and Channel 4 to deliver digital gadgetry, online campaigns, and web builds of all kinds.

I was surprised to see only a neutral admiration for skinny jeans here at Fluid, but I'm happily perpetuating the pseudo-hipster, super hair-conscious, 'agency guy' stereo-type on their behalf.

Pitching fresh digital campaigns, and locating more Birmingham based skinny jean outlets and Bryllcreem dispensaries

Really excited to open Fluid's vault, butting heads with fellow nerds about who would win a ruckus between Wolverine and Deadpool, pitching fresh digital campaigns, and locating more Birmingham based skinny jean outlets and Bryllcreem dispensaries. I am open to discuss any of the above with any of you!

Speak soon.